What is Convention of The States?

One of the greatest motivations for the convention of the states is the need to reduce or limit the powers that the federal government has.

The government must implement fiscal restraints, and it should have a deadline for the members of Congress; this was the original foundation of the founding fathers of the US.

As a result, more states are already thinking about it, and there are those that also feel that more Republicans in the government need to amend the constitution of the US. The Republicans also believe that key conservative preferences needed to be locked first, because the chances of them controlling the government of the United States in future are pretty slim.

For the convention to take place, it is important to note that, the Constitution of the United States dictates that, for the

amendments to take effect, two-thirds of the state legislatures which forms 34 states needs to sign it. Once this is done, the government should ratify the amendments proposed by the Congress by three-quarters of the states which is about 38 states.  The number of states that were signed up for the convention is about nine, which is a growth towards the 34 states.  

The convention is a splendid thing; however, Congress is never too excited about the idea, this is because the last time a conference took place in 1787, wherein delegates met in Philadelphia to make amendments to the federal governing charter, the results were the creation of the current constitution.

It is important also to note that the different states have different laws that govern constitutional conventions.  The main differences include the following:

  1.    Some states have the measure placed on the ballot papers, which happens after a period of about 10 to 20 years. In this case, the citizens of a state have a mandate to either approve or disapprove the Convention from taking place. The time varies with some states.
  2.    In other states, the mandate of calling upon a convention solely lies with the legislature; this means that no consultations are made amongst the citizens.
  1. 3.   In other states, the government will ask the opinion of the voters if they would want a convention to be called; this again is not the same across the board since there are measures that are put in place before this is done. The decision per state again varies to the following:
  •    The number of legislatures concerning percentage that has to vote for the question to be included in the ballot box
  •    The stated percentage of voters that must have approved for the constitutional convention once the item is included on the ballot paper
  •    If the legislature has to vote for the question to place in a ballot box in more than one legislative seating

The last US elections that took place seem to bring more hope to the amendment taking place since 33 Republican governors were elected into office across the nation. The president equally supports the congressional term limits.

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