Constitutional conventions were found by Vernon W. Jones. The website is intended to relay excellence and independent thinking. The founder is well versed in legal matters, and he has a good grasp of how to apply solutions to most of the complicated legal issues. Having been in the advisory business in a long time for a while, Vernon Jones has been able to make contact with the big leagues in the Legal Industry.

Jones is looking forward to engaging his audience through his regular posts on constitutional matters to think independently and rationally. The website is aimed at building confidence and keeping its audience abreast of the situations on the European soil.

The age of today requires innovative thinkers, knowing this we have decided to implore individuals to think outside the box. Prices and gifts would be given, to serve as a motivation for the audience to interact and have different opinions about the legal matters of the land.

Our Vision

To create the world where Europeans have enough knowledge to have a say.

Our Goal

To build the knowledge base of the citizens by uploading daily feeds of the constitutions

To improve the thinking capacity of the average European citizen by engaging our subscribers with mind tasking problems and challenges.

To create a level field where people would be free to air their opinions without fear. By providing anonymous profiles for our subscribers to make comments.

Our business is unique in its field, and just like every other sane business owner, we constantly look forward to making our work relevant in the field. And to do so, our business was built on the foundation of individual core values. These core values are designed in such a way that they act as a constant reminder for us to remember the objectives we had during the foundation stage of the business.

Our Core Values

Equality: No man is by any means any more important than the other. The world is a level playing field, placing a wedge for any reason could lead to disaster.

Right to speak: We create an open atmosphere where people can share thoughts without being a judge or ostracized.

Right to be quiet: We understand that it is not all the time one has to talk or express one;s thought. And so we would never go out of our ways to force any one to talk.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to create an open field where people of all age would learn about the Constitution, recent and past amendments.  We do this by updating daily sections of the law of the website in a simple and comprehensive manner. We understand that the reason behind the ignorance of the law by most citizens is that they do not understand the meaning behind the words. And so we make these words as simple as possible in such a way that the meaning is not lost in transition.

We also have an open forum where our subscribers can react to issues together. Log on to our website today!